vcpVERICUT Composite Programming (VCP) reads CAD surfaces and ply boundary information and adds material to fill the plies according to user-specified manufacturing standards and requirements. Layup paths are then linked together to form specific layup sequences and output as NC programs for the automated layup machine.

VERICUT Fiber Placement Programming Process:

Reads CATIA V5, STEP, or ACIS surface models

  • Other model formats available upon request

Reads FiberSIM, CATIA V5 or external ply geometry and information

  • Boundary geometry
  • Ply direction
  • Start points

Generates layup paths based on manufacturing engineering rules

  • Rosette projection at specified angles
  • Parallel to guiding curve
  • Following the natural path of the form’s surface
  • Add thickness to form for subsequent sequences

Links paths to create form layup sequences

  • Automatically and manually link paths based on shortest distance and form’s topology
  • Insert machine-specific commands and actions
  • Insert safe start and restart events

Post-processes linked paths

  • Output per machine requirements
  • Configurable machine-specific events
  • Output safe start and restart sequences

Electroimpact Selects CGTech to Provide Machine Independent AFP Programming Software

Excerpt from:  High-Speed Fiber Placement on Large Complex Structures
By: Russell DeVlieg, Kyle Jeffries, Peter Vogeli
Electroimpact, Inc.

Programming of AFP machines is critical. Traditionally, the machine tool vendor has delivered AFP programming systems. However machine tool vendors do not generally excel at the type of programming required for an AFP programming system, or at providing updates for new operating systems, CAD software or computing hardware platforms.

Spirit AeroSystems has recognized the need for programming software to be provided by an industry recognized software provider as part of a standard suite of regularly updated and maintained software. The delivery of machines by competent machine tool vendors, with the delivery of programming systems by competent software vendors, mirrors practices in the mature metal removal industry. In that industry machine tool vendors by and large no longer attempt to compete with far more competent programming companies like Mastercam, Gibbs and others.

Electroimpact recognized CGTech, with their Vericut Suite of software, as being very capable to provide machine independent AFP programming software. For over 2 years Electroimpact has been in a non-exclusive partnership with CGTech to develop AFP programming software called the „Vericut Composite Programming and Simulation Suite“. Major aircraft manufacturers and their partners have tested this programming software over the last 2 years, and it will be used by Spirit Aerosystems to program these new AFP machines. The software will be updated and maintained by CGTech. For further information on the programming system contact CGTech.

The addition of a mathematically rigorous programming system has been demonstrated to eliminate end placement errors sometimes seen on machine tool manufacturer-developed programming systems. These programming system errors appear most frequently in tow convergence areas. They occur less frequently at ply boundaries.

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